How To Win This Valentine's Day

How To Win This Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is two weeks away, and - let's face it - you haven't thought about it at all. Well, fear not Romeo (or Juliet), because whether you're a rookie in the game of love or a bona fide Casanova, we've got you covered. Our best bud Rasta has a Ph.D. in Loveology (it's a thing, look it up), and he's scoured the web to bring you some can't-miss ideas guaranteed to help you take your romance game to the next level...

We're talking about the green kind here. Duh. Choose a sativa strain like Green Crack for a chatty evening of positive vibes, or an indica strain like Grandaddy Purple for a more relaxing and laid back session with your stoner sweetheart.

Few things go together like cannabis and chocolate. Think about them as peanut butter & jelly for adults. In fact, the cacao beans in chocolate produce anandamine, which bond to the same brain receptors as THC. Take a bite after you toke, or hold a small piece on your tongue as you inhale for a great flavor combination.

Hemp Oil
Everyone loves a good massage, and hemp oil is the perfect way to reduce stress and promote healing. Never given a massage before? Don't worry - just pour a dab of this on your meathooks, muster up a little confidence, and - like anything worth doing - don't rush. Your partner will thank you.

Plazmatic X
Scientists call Plazmatic X the ultimate aphrodisiac. Whether you're setting the mood with a scented candle or sparking up that special Valentine's Day joint, those pulsating purple beams are guaranteed to light the fires of love every time.