Welcome to the Beam Team Plazmatic Referral Program!

How does it work?

Our referral program allows affiliates like you to promote Plazmatic products and receive a 10% payout on all qualifying referred orders. Friends you refer will save 10% on their first order (min $10).

Complete the form to sign up, and you will receive a promo code and custom URL to share in emails, on your website, or in your social media profiles. Friends you refer will save 10% on their first purchase.

How does the commission work?

For each sale (min $10 USD) that comes through Plazmatic.com via your custom link, you’ll receive a 10% payout. 

For the sale to be eligible to earn reward credit, the customer must click through your custom link and successfully complete a transaction.

Customer payments refunded or payments charged-back due to credit card fraud do not qualify for reward credits. We may delay crediting subject to risk analysis.

When do I get paid?

Reward payments will be sent once you've gone past the payout threshold of $100. 

You can track your commissions by logging into your affiliate account here: 


The referral fee structure is subject to change at our discretion.

We reserve the right to disqualify referral fees earned through fraudulent, illegal, overly aggressive, or questionable sales or marketing methods. 

How do I get paid my Reward? 

We pay reward payments via PayPal in US Dollars. You must have a valid PayPal account to receive your commission payout, as we don’t offer payment via check, credit card, cash or other methods.

How do I promote my link?

Plazmatic Beam Team members are a creative bunch! We have seen members promote their links by:

  • Sharing across their social networks
  • Telling their friends
  • Designing images with text overlay
  • Creating cool videos

What is NOT allowed?

  • Plazmatic prohibits Referral Program members from posing as our brand or website. For example, please do not create “Plazmatic” branded websites/landing pages, social media profiles/likenesses, advertisements, etc.
  • Plazmatic prohibits Referral Program members from posting on coupon sites.
  • Plazmatic prohibits promotion of our products by Referral Program members who operate websites containing pornographic, racist or illegal content, as well as websites containing competing products (lighters, t-shirts, charging cords, etc.). The definition of pornographic, racist or illegal content is entirely at the discretion of Plazmatic.
  • Plazmatic does not support the advertising or placement of advertisements on any sites connected with racist or illegal content.

Don’t SPAM!

Plazmatic strictly prohibits Referral Program members from using spam e-mail and other forms of Internet abuse (including spamming forums, blogs, twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets) to seek sales. Spam is defined as including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Posting your custom links on Plazmatic.com and its Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, SnapChat or other social media channels.
  • Electronic mail messages addressed to a recipient with whom the sender does not have an existing business or personal relationship or is not sent at the request of, or with the express consent of, the recipient through an opt in subscription;
  • Messages posted to Reddit, forums, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, product reviews, and message boards that are off-topic (unrelated to the topic of discussion), cross-posted to unrelated newsgroups, posted in excessive volume, or posted against forum/message board rules. Be conscious of forum rules! If a forum owner or moderator complains that an affiliate has spammed, the affiliate account may be permanently terminated after investigation.
  • Content posted on free blog websites for the sole purpose of keyword spamming, or comments posted to legitimate blogs that violate the comment policy of the blog owner.
  • Solicitations posted to chat rooms, or to groups or individuals via Internet Relay Chat or "Instant Messaging" system;
  • Certain off-line activities that, while not considered Spam, are similar in nature, including distributing flyers or leaflets on private property or where prohibited by applicable rules, regulations, or laws.

PLEASE NOTE: Failure to adhere to these requirements may lead to suspension or termination of your Beam Team Plazmatic E-Rep Program account and forfeiture of all earned commissions.