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To operate your Veo, press the ignition twice in quick succession, holding on the second press.

Veo is equipped with a double-click ignition to prevent it from operating when you want it to.


The integrated LED light indicators all you to track battery usage. The LED lights can be read as follows:


1. When the LED power meter drops to one blue light, the battery on your Plazmatic Veo is low. To charge, use the micro-to-USB cable that came with your Plazmatic Veo.

2. Plug the micro end of the charging cable into the micro port on the bottom of your Plazmatic Veo, and the USB end into the USB port on your computer or a USB power adapter.

3. After approximately 60 - 75 minutes, all 5 LEDs (4 blue and 1 red) will be illuminated and solid. This indicates that your Plazmatic Veo is fully charged.


Your Veo may not funtion properly if it's not cleaned from time to time.

1. Make sure the lighter is OFF.

2. Use Plazmatic Super Cleaning Swabs (available at or a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol to clean off the four prongs that create the dual heat beams.

3. Be sure to also swab the housing unit, as it should be free of debris.

4. Allow for your Plazmatic Veo to COMPLETELY DRY before using.


- Use AWAY from face, body, clothing, metallic, and flammable materials

- DO NOT TOUCH the dual heat beams at any time

- DO NOT expose the Plazmatic Veo to direct sunlight, high temperature environments, water, or any liquids

- Use ONLY in well-ventilated areas

- Plazmatic Veo is NOT A TOY. Keep away from children as you would other lighters


Your Plazmatic Veo contains no user-serviceable parts. DO NOT attempt to open, modify, or disassemble your Plazmatic Veo or remove, crush, or puncture the battery of your Plazmatic Veo, or expose it to high temperatures or liquids. Disassembling your Plazmatic Veo may damage it or may cause injury to you, and voids the limited warranty.

The lithium-ion battery in your Plazmatic Veo should be recycled or disposed of separately from household waste.

When your Plazmatic Veo reaches the end of its life, please dispose of it according to your local environmental guidelines and laws.