Plazmatic Veo

The most versatile lighter on the planet
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✔ USB Rechargeable
✔ Flameless & Windproof
✔ Candle and Glassware Friendly

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  • 1 Plazmatic Veo Lighter
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Plazmatic Veo

Say hello to Plazmatic Veo

Our mission is simple: Create the best, most versatile lighter on the planet.

Think about it—how many times have you...

  • Been frustrated by lighters that are impossible to ignite?
  • Wasted time and money on disposable lighters?
  • Given up trying to light your favorite candles or glassware?

It seems like you can’t ever find the right lighter for the job. Until now.

Introducing Plazmatic Veo.

Plazmatic Press

Plazmatic Press

The only lighter precision engineered to work on nearly everything.

Veo - Lights Candles
Candles & glassware
Veo - Lights Incense
Veo - Lights Charcoal
Veo - Lights Gas Grills
Gas grills
Veo - Lights Stovetops
Veo Lights Paper
Paper & fire starters

Plazmatic Veo will replace all your other lighters. Imagine never having to struggle with unreliable, messy, or hard-to-use lighters ever again!

We know a little something about lighters.

Two years ago, our Plazmatic X became a global phenomenon. We sold hundreds of thousands of units and introduced the world to a cleaner, better lighter alternative.

After talking to thousands of customers, we started from scratch. We designed a totally new lighter that includes the features you wanted most. We call it Veo.

Flameless & Windproof USB Rechargeable & No Butane Patent Pending DesignPatented Design
LoopLights in Any Direction Glassware and Candle Friendly Totally Badass

The Veo difference: Versatility.

Only Plazmatic Veo has our patented cylindrical lighting head designed to work with nearly anything:

  • Candles and glassware
  • Incense
  • Gas grills
  • Stovetops
  • Charcoal

The push-button ignition lets you comfortably hold Plazmatic Veo in a variety of positions for better control.

Holding Veo
Our iconic X-beam Hinge caps get in the way. USB rechargeable Butane lighters suck
Lighter Comparison Plazmatic Average Electric Lighters Zippo Bic Cricket
USB Rechargeable & 100% Electric
Butane & Fluid-Free
Whisper-X Technology
30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Limited Lifetime Warranty
Best Value

Veo puts safety first On the go Beautiful design No more flare ups Lights even in the windiest conditions The Eco-Friendly Lighter

Tech Specs

Lightweight 3.7 oz lighter with LED battery indicator, dual heat beams, micro-USB port, and detachable cap. Final specs subject to change.

Veo Tech Specs

Crowdfunding Rewards

We have 4 great reward packages to choose from - perfect for your home or office or both! Veo is available in 6 colors (final design my vary slightly):

Matte Black Matte black finish Chameleon High gloss multi-color finish Black Ops Semi gloss dark gray finish
Titanium High gloss black finish Reflex Blue Semi gloss blue finish Limited Edition Rose Gold Semi gloss rose gold finish Limited Edition
Plazmatic Veo - Available in 6 colors

Our Journey

Over a year in the making

  • March 2016 - Started designing new Veo lighter
  • May 2016 - Initial molds complete
  • June 2016 - Initial testing and feedback
  • August 2016 - Updates to molds and PCB
  • November 2016 - Initial quality assurance testing
  • January 2017 - Finalized PCB and continued testing
  • March 2017 - Started capturing content for pre-order campaign
  • April 2017 - Launch crowdfunding campaign
  • May 2017 - Finish quality control testing and start full production
  • June 2017 - Ready to ship!

Our Process

We received a lot of feedback on our best selling electric lighter, the Plazmatic X, and took all that feedback to heart when we starting working on this new lighter. Namely, we wanted to make a lighter that could simply light more things like glassware and jar candles. After countless hours of sketching and testing, we came up with the Veo.

Our Process

Risks and Challenges

We've sold hundreds of thousands of the world's best electric lighters and have extensive experience in sourcing, manufacturing, and design but as with all projects, there are always some risks and challenges.

Some potential challenges:

  • Shipping could be delayed if our shipment is flagged by customs for an exam or if a major port goes on strike unexpectedly.
  • The Veo lighters featured in our videos and images are pre-production samples. We are still actively working on finalizing product specs.

Final design and specs subject to change.